School description

The school was established on 1 July 2018 by merging two separate institutions, a higher and secondary medical school and a business academy, both located in Trutnov. The full name of the school in Czech is Vyšší oborná škola zdravotnická, Střední zdravotnická škola a Obchodní akademie, Trutnov.

More than 70 – year tradition of both schools, their excellent reputation, high quality education in vocational courses and above all the outstanding position of their students on the job market are crucial for further development of the newly established school.

The school employs 56 teachers and it currently holds 520 students.

The medical school focuses on courses for paramedics and caters for social demands. It offers lifelong education in the fields of healthcare and social activity to all age groups. The higher medical school and the secondary medical school provide education in four-year secondary level courses and one three-year higher education course.

Secondary medical school



Secondary education - with school leaving exam  


 (age of students 16 - 19)

Practical nurse

A four-year study programme. It is a practical branch with focus on nursing. Its aim is to prepare the students for a future career in healthcare with an option for further study. Thanks to a high number and wide variety of universities and colleges, an increasing number of students continue at tertiary level. Since the school year of 2016/2017 this branch consists of two classes students.

Medical lyceum

A four-year full time course, Promedicus curriculum. This branch entails an academic course with a special focus on natural sciences. It prepares the students for further medical studies. There is one class at full capacity in every grade.

Higher vocational school 



The higher vocational school  (age of students 19 - 21)

General nurse diploma

A three-year full-time course prepares the students for fully qualified and specialised expert healthcare jobs throughout the whole EU. The students are awarded the Dis degree upon completion of the course.


The school is also accredited by the ministry of education for providing a nursing assistant course. This educational activity is offered as a supplementary 6 month requalification course.

The economic part of the school is solely focused on business education. It offers a four-year secondary education branch Business academy. This education enables the students to acquire all necessary vocational knowledge and practical skills in the key subjects, which they apply in their profession. The alumni of Business academy follow careers in business management, travel agencies, as entrepreneurs or they go on to study at universities.

Business academy offers one secondary education course:

Business academy



Secondary education - with school leaving exam


(age of students 16 - 19)

Business academy

A four-year full-time course, Business academy curriculum. In the third year the students may choose to study an optional subject focused on travel industry.


Erasmus+ projects:       

Nursing schools from the Czech Republic, Finland, Macedonia and Spain are      comparing performance of nursing procedures


35 562 Eur

09/18 - 08/20

Mobility studentů zdravotnických oborů


21 216 Eur

09/19 - 08/21

Voneinander lernen - Zukunft bauen


33 000 Eur

09/19 - 08/21

Interkulturelle Begegnung im gemeinsamen Europa - mit Unterstützung moderner Medien


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09/19 - 07/21


Contact persons:

Director:    Mgr. Bc. Roman Hásek


       Tel.: +420 725 921 369


Contact person for international projects:    Ing. Mgr. Miluše Matějcová


Tel.: +420 603 717 049